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Episode 15: Degrees of Doctoral Dissertation Domination

On this episode of Past Time, Drs. Matthew Borths and Adam Pritchard share their dissertation stories, and a bit of advice on the grad school experience!

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Images of the fossil salamander in amber, Palaeoplethodon, alongside a modern plethodontid salamander. The close resemblance suggests that Palaeoplethodon is a lungless animal, whose closest relatives lived nearby in North America.

News Bite: Salamanders of the Caribbean!

Arrr, ye mateys! Pour out some grog, and I’ll tell ye a tale of mines, beaches, and death in ancient jungles. I of course be talkin’…about salamanders! Okay, not going to do that voice the whole time (though maybe it should be in the episode), but I will briefly present Palaeoplethodon hispaniolae, the first salamander in amber and the first ever found in the Caribbean! This discovery was spearh …

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