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Silhouette of Drepanosaurus, the original monkey lizard

Episode 17: Kingdom of the Monkey Lizard!

Past Time is BACK! Matt and Adam have been traveling the world independently for some time, delving deeply into the history of life on the planet, but now they’re back to tell you all about what they’ve discovered!   Painting of Drepanosaurus by paleoartist Victor Leshyk, commissioned for the publication of the New Mexico Drepanosaurus fossils In this episode, Matt interviews Adam about his r …

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A Food Chain in a Fossil: A snake skeleton with its prey still inside!

The relationship between predator and prey is a primal one, and one that fires the curiosity of many fossil fans. We love paintings of Tyrannosaurus battling Triceratops or saber-toothed cats leaping onto the backs of ground sloths. And we can be pretty sure that those interactions happened based on TRACE FOSSILS, like tooth marks in Triceratops bones that match closely with tyrannosaur teeth. How …

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