Silhouette of Drepanosaurus, the original monkey lizard

Episode 17: Kingdom of the Monkey Lizard!

Past Time is BACK! Matt and Adam have been traveling the world independently for some time, delving deeply into the history of life on the planet, but now they’re back to tell you all about what they’ve discovered!


Illustration of Drepanosaurus ripping at a Triassic tree limb to get at the delicious insects inside!
Painting of Drepanosaurus by paleoartist Victor Leshyk, commissioned for the publication of the New Mexico Drepanosaurus fossils

In this episode, Matt interviews Adam about his research into the early days of the Age of Reptiles and the strange non-dinosaurs living 212 million years ago in New Mexico. Come face-to-face with Drepanosaurus, one of the strangest reptiles that ever lived on Earth, and one that has presented an anatomical mystery for over thirty years! Nicknamed “the monkey lizard,”iIt had arms like no other animal, a claw on the end of its tail, and likely lived like a modern anteater!

For more information on this project, you can check out Adam’s original article and the news article produced by Yale University!


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