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Welcome to the new paleontology podcast! If you’ve found our website through iTunes, we’re still working on getting the website up and running for our official launch on June 1, 2013. In the meantime, please subscribe to the our podcast and check back for illustrations and photos to accompany our interview with Dr. Dave Krause, a professor at Stony Brook University, who talked to us about his field work in Madagascar.

Please note there was a technical glitch with iTunes. If you subscribed before May 24th, you may not get episode updates. Make sure you are subscribed through the link provided on the right sidebar. You can also go to iTunes and search “Past Time.” Click “subscribe” on this newly generated iTunes link to the podcast.

Episode 1 Summary: Are there really new fossils out there to find? How do paleontologists even figure out where to look? In the first episode of Past Time, Adam and Matt talk to Dr. Dave Krause from Stony Brook University about his incredible discoveries from Madagascar. He went to Madagascar to try to find the ancestors of weird animals like lemurs and chameleons. What he found were the even weirder dinosaurs and crocodiles that called Madagascar home 65 million years ago.

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